Wedding Flower Ideas to Spice up Your Special Day

Who said you have to be an expert in plants and plant types to select the perfect wedding flowers for your special day? All you need is a touch of creativity, style and an open mind that is willing to try new things. Of course, you should consult with others in your bridal party to make sure that you're making the right choices.

Knowing where to start can be overwhelming. To make things easier, this piece will enlighten you with 5 popular yet creative wedding flowers that you can use during your wedding day.

  • Roses

For years, roses have been the symbol of romance and relationships. Roses are available in many different colours (all rainbow colours are available), and they can pair well with other flowers, centrepieces, and accessories. Roses are also the perfect wedding flowers for bouquets, because they are sturdy and sprout out to increase aesthetic appeal. 

  • Orchids

Orchids are the ultimate representation of charm and beauty during wedding occasions. They are great for tropical settings and weddings that are carried out over the summer months.

Orchids also fit both traditional and modern-themed weddings, and their smaller size allows for a multitude of ways in which they can be arranged. What about colour choices? They come in shades of white, green and purple.

  • Anemone

If you're considering a modern theme for your wedding, anemones are the way to go. The structure of anemones is composed of a dark centre and an overhang of coloured petals that are soft to the touch. They smell great too!

Anemones can also bring to life your creative side because they have unique shapes that can blend with many different flower types to form bouquets, centrepieces, and stand-alone flowers. White and blush anemones are popular colour choices.

  • Daisies

Daises represent a touch of tradition and a timeless look to your wedding. Their simple and delicate design gives off elegance to centrepieces and flower bouquets. And with many different colours to choose from, you can match almost any theme that you're going for (especially themes of purity, innocence and simplicity).

  • Succulents

If you're looking for convenient and attractive wedding flowers for your special day, you can't go wrong with succulents. They are great for potted plants, centrepieces, clothing accessories, you name it.

Succulents are also quite durable, offering an amazing texture and outlook for your special day. And because they don't need extensive maintenance, you have less to worry about as you prepare your wedding flowers.