Terms to Learn When Shopping for a Wedding Dress

When you're ready to shop for a wedding dress, it can be good to learn a few simple terms and phrases that are used to describe the style, material and features of these dresses. This can help you to more easily find the features you want in your dress and can allow salespersons to quickly find the best dresses to show you and customised wedding gown features to suggest. Note a few of those terms here, before you even begin shopping for a wedding dress. Read More 

Wedding Flower Ideas to Spice up Your Special Day

Who said you have to be an expert in plants and plant types to select the perfect wedding flowers for your special day? All you need is a touch of creativity, style and an open mind that is willing to try new things. Of course, you should consult with others in your bridal party to make sure that you're making the right choices. Knowing where to start can be overwhelming. To make things easier, this piece will enlighten you with 5 popular yet creative wedding flowers that you can use during your wedding day. Read More